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I haven’t found any “post-rock” type stuff I’ve particularly liked for a long time. Having been sent SO many Explosions-in-the-sky-ripoffs I’ve been put off the whole thing. A Egg‘s tracks might well be what turns me back to listening to it. Its just 1 guy, its all produced with samples apart from the guitar and bass. There’s a bit of auto-tuned / chopped up vocal too. Quite innovative.


Personal favourites: Somewhere Nice, Rostov could get it (Alright The Captain remix), Randy Jackson, Archway

Enjoy, spread the word


Her Name Is Calla released their album The Quiet Lamb via Denovali Records on November 4th.

We at Cinematic Music would like to congratulate them and give The Quiet Lamb the much sought after award of:


After numerous EPs and splits, the first real full-length album by HNIC has raised the bar and set a new standard for what this band can do. The Quiet Lamb possesses all the tasteful minimalism of previous material whilst retaining an extremely rich tapestry of sonic textures, and what truly makes this album special is how seamlessly and consistently it weaves from track to track, taking you from one end of the spectrum of human emotions to another.

I’ve noticed that many other bloggers have said similar things, and I believe we may need to brace ourselves for the next Sigur Rós. HNIC seem to have fully developed their unique sound and channeled it through these 12 pieces which present themselves as a barrage of simplistic grandiosity. I reference Sigur Rós because what they created was outstanding unique music which was still accessible to a wide range of listeners- and HNIC have captured that essence and applied it to their sound.

As Cinematic Album of the Year, if you’re a regular visitor to this blog and haven’t yet heard The Quiet Lamb, you must get hold of a copy right away.

There are quite a few exciting events coming up- some great shows and so forth, here is a short list:

Goo Nite presents Her Name Is Calla/Worriedaboutsatan/The Monroe Transfer @ The Lexington on Wednesday, March 31st (click link for tickets)

Barfly presents … And So I Watch You From Afar/Wounds @ The Borderline on Thursday, April 8th

The Monkeyball Experiment presents The Baby Janes/Saiga/Hosemox/The Working Dead @ The Legion also on April 8th- FREE ENTRY

Russian Circles/Earthless @ The Underworld on Tuesday, April 13th

Goo Nite presents LOCOMOTIVA, a weekend of reverb, delay and landscapes @ The Half Moon (Herne Hill) from Saturday April 17th through to Sunday 18th- Be sure not to miss this one, there will be 16 bands playing over 2 days along with a record fair, Djs and Food! Live acts include Codes In The Clouds, Library Tapes, Vessels, EF, I Concur… and many more!

Goo Nite presents EF @ The Enterprise on Monday, April 19th

Lead-Footed presents What The Blood Revealed/The Monroe Transfer/Swallowing The Seas @ The Macbeth on Tuesday, April 20th

Dance Magic Dance presents Agaskodo Teliverek @ The Old Blue Last on Thursday, April 22nd

All Tomorrows Parties Concerts by arrangement with ELASTIC presents Deerhunter/Fresh and Onlys @ Heaven on Thursday, May 6th

65daysofstatic @ Koko on Wednesday, May 12th

Thats all for now- go to as many as you can I say

Wall Of Sound is changing its name to Lead-footed!!

The opening night will still be on April 20th at The Macbeth, Hoxton (London). Also, join the new Facebook group here for news and updates.

Live Acts will include:

What The Blood Revealed

The Monroe Transfer

Swallowing The Seas

Long Grass is Her Name Is Calla‘s new single off their forthcoming album “The Quiet Lamb”.

This new record somewhat confirms my previous statement; that I would like to see them become an influential act in Britain. Like all of their work Long Grass is stunningly produced and arranged, but still offers a fresh sound. The instrumentation used here includes banjo and classical guitar as well as the usual strings, layered vocals and percussion which I find gives this track an amazing medieval quality. Both the vocal melodies and guitar melodies sound like they belong in the middle ages.

Amid this innovative sounding soundscape, Her Name Is Calla have nevertheless retained certain elements of their music which seem to be constants. The harmonies between instruments are always very pleasant and interesting, and the suspense in the music is quite striking despite also having an inherent element of beauty throughout. This mixture of feels is quite common in this kind of music, but I would say that HNIC are especially good at it. The minimalism and rawness of this track actually makes it sound quite dated. It reminds me of early post-rock music from the late 80s/90s when artists experimented a lot with instruments and soundscapes in very minimal contexts. Long Grass swells very gradually and never seems to resolve where you expect it to, leaving you not unsatisfied but in a state of pensive suspension.

Although I very much like this record and am looking forward to hearing the album, I must say that I hope this is but one side of what the album will offer. Not only are this band brilliant at making sombre minimal ballads, but they are also brilliant at making massive heavy tracks (listen to New England off their Ep “The Heritage). If they combined all this in some sort of epic progressive opus then I’m confident they would do really well… let’s hope thats what they have in store for us.

For now though, Long Grass is up on their myspace so have a listen. For Londoners, they are playing at The Lexington on March 31st with their comrades worriedaboutsatan and The Monroe Transfer so be sure to get tickets!

For a live acoustic performance in a fort, Click here.

Swallowing The Seas are a new band drifting in and out of London venues such as the Enterprise in Chalk Farm. I saw them there on Tuesday 8/12/09 and liked it so much I thought I’d write a little review of their gig.

Their music is very much as they describe it; ambient, down-tempo shoegaze. Its extremely cinematic but in a different way to other bands that I have written about so far. Their sound is very distinct, like a cross between ‘post-rock’ and shoegaze. They have the ethereality and ambience of shoegaze but with the scope and instrumentation of ‘post-rock’- a very exciting prospect indeed!

I find their music quite confusing (in a good way) because they somehow manage to convey completely different emotions at the same time. Its hard to explain, but during most of the set I was unsure whether the music was bleak and gloomy, or simply hopeful! The lead guitar parts are mostly arpeggiated chords which give the songs an air of perseverance (as opposed to depressing idleness) and Leni White, the violinist/vocalist’s angelic soprano voice gives the music its fantasy, but the nature of the chords and the arrangements come across as bleak. On top of that, the vocal harmonies between Leni and Beanie B. (lead guitar/vocals) sound really nice, but are darkly textured with reverb and delay- the lyrics also seem to go from dreary imagery to hope-filled assertions…. I haven’t been able to get over the unsettled feeling I got from the show yet, but maybe I shouldn’t..

Moving on, I thought the set progressed well, but I think a bigger range in dynamics would have helped to suck the audience in. With music like this that presents itself as a sort of ‘experience’ for the audience, its important to explore every corner of the soundscape you’re cultivating, i.e. breakdown to almost nothing, and play as aggressively as possible- where its appropriate of course.

Overall, the show was great and definitely worth seeing, and I recommend catching them live to all of you who enjoy thought-provoking music- especially the kind that seems like it would be perfectly at home in a bipolar-deaf-blind person’s head!

Catch them LIVE @ the Road Trip Bar on Tuesday 15th Dec, or @ Proud Galleries on the 16th Feb 2010!

Swallowing the Seas on myspace

(Above: Front cover of What The Blood Revealeds 2007 EP)

What The Blood Revealed are an instrumental 4 piece from Scotland signed to Bad Mammoth Records. I first came by them last year and haven’t stopped listening since. Their music seems to combine influences from modern rock and metal, as well as classics like Pink Floyd. For me its the perfect blend of the beauty of “post-rock” with the rawness and ballsyness of “post-metal”. They’re directly in between both sub-genres with monster riffs and distorted heavy sections, and soft, serene melodic passages in which delay pedals rarely go amiss. For fans out there who aren’t mad about the “post-rock” sound, this EP might seem a little obvious because the common structure behind each track is one of the oldest tricks in the book; start quiet, build, and go heavy. That being said, this is still a good trick and they make it work terrifically.

In terms of the production and sound quality, for an EP it sounds impressive, but I hope they raise the bar when they do an album. These recordings are already quite exciting as they are, but done to the same standards as Explosions in the Sky‘s ‘Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place’ for example, it would be mind blowing!

The 3rd track ‘Evolution is not a Theory’ is definitely the highlight of the EP, its one of those tracks I consider to be cornerstones in music like ‘Mammoth’ by Pelican. The power that it generates when the heavy section kicks in is astonishing to such a point that it feels like they couldn’t possibly push their wall of sound any further. Its like hitting the ground after bungee jumping with a faulty rope. The lead guitar part is quite simple but it creates one of the most dramatic soundscapes I’ve ever heard. I call it a ‘cornerstone’ because the overall effect this track has is so intense that it makes me think no one can surpass it, and if anyone were to try, the two would immediately be compared. I highly recommend this EP for post rock enthusiasts, and for you metal-heads who are looking for something less aggressive  than The Ocean.

As far as I know they gig in Glasgow and Edinburgh, they’re due to start recording an album in the new year and they may or may not go on a tour next spring (I’m guessing they’ll keep us informed). They also recorded a second EP in 2009 which is worth a listen…

(Above: Front cover of What the Blood Revealed‘s 2009 EP)

I’ll update this post when I learn more. For now, go to their myspace (link to the right) and listen to their tracks. Follow this link to get both EPs for £7!

Hello all,

I have made some important discoveries whereby you can download compilations for free. These compilations are of great experimental, ambient music entirely suited to the occasion.

Firstly, a collective that go by the name The Silent Ballet who review many many bands and albums have a series of compilations, all available for free download so get in!

The Silent Ballet – Compilations

Secondly, a small label called Futurerecordings have released a few compilations for free. It seems the guy had a stoned epiphany and decided to give away music.. brilliant for us! He is also involved with a cool London band called Years of Rice & Salt who have recently come to my attention and are worth checking out (link to the right). Their EP is up for free download as well which is cool, but I didn’t find it overly exciting. I’m waiting to see them live before I judge so expect a review soon. The artwork is amazing too!

Futurerecordings – Free Downloads

Also, check this video out. It gives a good insight into how they work-


  • قائمتي المتواضعه لافضل مشاهداتي للافلام للان هذه القائمه تخضع للدوق الشخصي ربما يعجبك شي منها وربما لا اتركو لنا ق…… 4 days ago
  • الحدود 1984 بعيدا عن السينما العالميه لا بد ان نتطرق الى السينما العربيه والتي لا تخلو من الافلام الرائعه كغيرها م…… 4 days ago
  • ڤكتور سيوستروم المخرج والممثل السويدي ڤكتور سيوستروم ولد عام 1879 في السويد, وقال انه فقط من سنة من العمر عندما ان…… 1 week ago
  • Sanju (2018) يبو اننا مقبلون على عمل اخر عظيم من اعمال المخرج والكاتب الكبير راجكومار هيراني الذي قدم لنا عديد الا…… 1 week ago
  • انجمار بيرجمان استفاد بشكل كبير من روايتي نزهة على جانب الطريق للأخوين أركادي وبوريس ستروغاتسكي والتي امتازت بعنصر…… 2 weeks ago
  • رواية 1984 جورج أورويل كامله: عبر @YouTube 2 weeks ago
  • دوسان ماكافييف المقطع من فيلم WR: Mysteries of the Organism 1971 دوسان ماكافييف Dusan Makavejev هو أحد الأسماء ال…… 2 weeks ago