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Dartford instrumental 5-piece Codes In The Clouds are to release their 2nd full-length album on Erased Tapes Records on January 31st

Courtesy of Nice Weather for Airstrikes / Monster Build Mean Robots / Flies Are Spies From Hell– A name-your-price compilation has been put together for everyone’s benefit! Give what you can, support these wonderful people who take time to enrich music communities.


Featured artists:

Alright the Captain

What The Blood Revealed

Flies Are Spies From Hell

Monster Build Mean Robots

Waking Aida

Double Handsome Dragons

+ many more



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Dartford, UK based instrumental band Codes In The Clouds are preparing to launch their remix album Paper Canyon Recycled and we at Cinematic Music are very proud indeed to co-present the London release party with Sweet Beans and Erased Tapes. As well as being one of the few privileged UK acts to perform at Iceland Airwaves this year, CITC are to play a special London show at Vibe Bar on Brick Lane, on October 28th to celebrate this new release. The album features remixes from many renowned artists such as Paul Mullen from The Automatic, Rival Consoles, Maybeshewill, Nils Frahm, Library Tapes, Message To Bears, and many more. The album is released on October 18th and…. Yes, its still courtesy of Erased Tapes.

The band have also decided to donate all of the proceeds to environmental charities so not only to you make yourself happy by purchasing it, you help the environment! 


Brighton based artist and producer Iambic, who will be supporting CITC at the London launch party, not only contributed a wonderful remix of  “Distant Street Lights”, but also provided a brilliant music video to accompany it:

Anyone for some German instrumental post-prog? YES PLEASE

Aeronautix are an instrumental 3-piece band with guitar, bass and drums. Their debut EP “Eartheption” is available for free download HERE. I think this EP is a small testament to what the band can really do- the tracks are tight but Eartheption isn’t much more than a collection of mediocre live recordings. With the right producers Aeronautix could really blow your brain!

Their sound blends post-rock/ambient influences with clean, broken-up mathy riffs and heavy What The Blood Revealed-esque drops. I’m quite confident these guys will deliver some tasty releases in the near future! On a similar note, you should look up these Italian guys Up There The Clouds, they also have a brilliant EP out for free download! Thank you internet. If either band comes to London I’ll definitely be putting them on!

Codes In The CLouds are an instrumental 5-piece apparently from Dartford, but I’m just going to say London because they seem to spend more time here than there. They are signed to brilliant little label Erased Tapes, also home to the British Expeditionary Force, Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm. They haven’t been around for long but have definitely made their presence known on the London scene, and, maybe to a lesser extent, on the entire UK scene. Following the release of their first record they toured with now post-rock legends This Will Destroy You and recently went on a small headline tour through the UK with Barn Owl and Katerwaul (worth checking out!).

‘Paper Canyon’ is their debut full-length album and despite coming across as a little easy at first, this record soon becomes a brilliantly subtle delight, going from bright uplifting songs to dreamy ambient numbers, to others filled with a deep sense of lament. It is so easy and common for post-rock bands to makes 2-dimensional records, only expressing the teenage-like solitude and angst part of the spectrum of human emotions. However, after seeing them live on many occasions, Codes In The Clouds stand out from the crowd of post-rockers as a band who express that but also happiness, hope and above all sincerity. It is when you realise that Paper Canyon does in fact have these powerful highs and lows that the record begins to make sense and the subtle authenticity within it comes out and sucks you back in along for the ride.

The opening track ‘Fractures’ sets the scene for a pleasant, dreamy frame of mind, then ‘Don’t Go Awash In This Digital Landscape’ hits with a relentless force, which carries on through until the epic finale of ‘Distant Street Lights’. ‘We Anchor In Hope’ is a charming uplifting waltz perfectly suited to the aftermath of the previous songs and ‘The Distance Between Us’ closes the album on a very powerful, hesitant, yet positive note.

Although it may seem like an obvious thing, the statement on their myspace that says ‘we like playing pretty music’ is strangely exact, and completely sums them up once you’ve  fully absorbed the record.

Their eagerly anticipated follow up LP should be out by the end of this year so keep a look out and make sure you catch them live if they play in a town near you.

I stumbled upon this brilliant instrumental 3-piece last night (19/06/10) at The Good Ship, London. Defo worth a listen! MHDH go to show just how versatile instrumental bands can be- think Battles crossed with Foals, with a spoonful of noise. Seeing yet another 3 talented, ballsy musicians go down the instrumental route gives me a lot of faith in our generation of emerging artists, and makes me wonder; How amazing would it be if MHDH played a club night alongside other instrumental trios: Brontide, The Good The Bad and Saiga (if I may say so myself)…?! Like a ‘Battle of the Speechless Loud Guitar Freaks’

Where Brontide are mathy, proggy and heavy, MHDH are a little more danceable without losing the filth of entire-pedal-board-go feedback and tasty 7/4

One of the best EPs I’ve heard by a unsigned band for a while, download their debut ‘ABCDEP’ HERE!

Anyway, catch them again at the last Sweet Beans club night taking place at Bardens Boudoir in Dalston on Thurs 24th June (facebook event). Sweet Beans always have amazing bands from start to finish so I highly recommend the night. S’what happens when promoters put on gigs for music and fan’s sake before anything else.

Dear Readers,

After a short break and about 40,000 words worth of essays, I bring you this video of a band who seemed to have it all figured out: Pink Floyd- This track is called “Careful with that axe Eugene”. I will also be back very soon with lots more news and reviews! I have made many brilliant discoveries over the past month so be sure to check back soon. Have a gander at this for now:

Click here for Facebook event

Saiga on Myspace

There are quite a few exciting events coming up- some great shows and so forth, here is a short list:

Goo Nite presents Her Name Is Calla/Worriedaboutsatan/The Monroe Transfer @ The Lexington on Wednesday, March 31st (click link for tickets)

Barfly presents … And So I Watch You From Afar/Wounds @ The Borderline on Thursday, April 8th

The Monkeyball Experiment presents The Baby Janes/Saiga/Hosemox/The Working Dead @ The Legion also on April 8th- FREE ENTRY

Russian Circles/Earthless @ The Underworld on Tuesday, April 13th

Goo Nite presents LOCOMOTIVA, a weekend of reverb, delay and landscapes @ The Half Moon (Herne Hill) from Saturday April 17th through to Sunday 18th- Be sure not to miss this one, there will be 16 bands playing over 2 days along with a record fair, Djs and Food! Live acts include Codes In The Clouds, Library Tapes, Vessels, EF, I Concur… and many more!

Goo Nite presents EF @ The Enterprise on Monday, April 19th

Lead-Footed presents What The Blood Revealed/The Monroe Transfer/Swallowing The Seas @ The Macbeth on Tuesday, April 20th

Dance Magic Dance presents Agaskodo Teliverek @ The Old Blue Last on Thursday, April 22nd

All Tomorrows Parties Concerts by arrangement with ELASTIC presents Deerhunter/Fresh and Onlys @ Heaven on Thursday, May 6th

65daysofstatic @ Koko on Wednesday, May 12th

Thats all for now- go to as many as you can I say


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