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I’m sure most of you know this by now, but Godspeed are back!, and they’re curating the All Tomorrows Parties Festival down at Butlins Minehead on the 3rd – 5th of December 2010. The band released THIS statement about their reformation.


Hello all,

Welcome to the home of cinematic music. First order of the day is a couple of gig reviews, This Will Destroy You who played at Underworld, Camden (21/10/09) and Do Make Say Think at The Scala, Kings Cross (22/10/09).

(Above: Front cover of ‘Young Mountain EP’, This Will Destroy You – 2006)

I have been looking forward to these gigs for a while, and they didn’t disappoint. Firstly, This Will Destroy You played a truly amazing gig! The sound was pretty awesome, enough bass for everyone to feel their bodies rumble. The bass player seems to have a knack for doing this as he plays chords on his 5 string most of the time. You could tell they’re one of those bands who tour constantly because their set was perfectly tight and progressed effortlessly. They opened with the mighty “A Three-Legged Workhorse” which instantly set the scene for an epic journey into their universe, and gradually dragged the crowd in, pulsating to the slow rhythm of the crescendo. Every track, despite being similar sounding to the next, gave you everything you could hope for from dreamy soundscapes to heavy climaxes. I remember being particularly blown away by “Burial on the Presidio Banks” which comes in with a beautiful melody on the guitar, and erupts at the end when everyone turns on the overdrive.

I was delighted to see that the gig had sold out too! One of my mates, desperate for a ticket as he was, had to squeeze a ticket out of the bouncer to get in! I went to see them in 2008 and the venue definitely wasn’t sold out. Hopefully they can start earning some money now! It must be quite rewarding for them to know that their constant touring is paying off, maybe they’ll move on to a bigger venue next time.. I had a chat with them afterwards and they came across, as always, as really genuine, unpretentious people and mentioned something about a NEW ALBUM COMING SOON! They also spoke about a record label they have started called Light Lodge which should be interesting to investigate. It was quite funny actually, I went up to the merchandise table where they were sitting afterwards and in amongst the various T-shirts and fridge magnets there was a small hand-written note saying “we appreciate any fans helping us out with some smoke” with a poorly sketched weed leaf next to it. When I asked Andrew the guitarist about it, he shrugged and said “well.. you know.. a band on the road…”. Moral of the story is; if you get a chance to go and see them don’t blow it because they are pioneers in instrumental music and will give you a live music experience to remember!

(Above: Front cover of This Will Destroy You‘s self-titled debut album – 2008)

Do Make Say Think– these guys are from Canada, one of Constellation records’ bands who also put on a mighty show! The night started with 2 support acts; The Happiness Project and Years which are side projects of the band, and both were amazing. Both were instrumental with samples but they were the perfect warm-up acts for the headliners. I think everyone was wondering if they would know when the support acts ended and DMST started because the band members are the same, the crowd cheered anyway and the most dedicated fans gave a clue as they recognized the opening track immediately. Having listened to the albums before hand, a thought that occurred to me a lot was where is the bass? but live I can tell you, I could feel my ear drums quivering! That venue has a wicked sound system! Their music is far less minimal than some other canadian instrumental bands, due mainly to one of the guitarists who is very good at finger-picking and writing complex guitar parts. They’re sound is very rich and folky, but also quite big at times when all 9 musicians join in with trumpets, violins and loops. I was disappointed that they didn’t play my favorite track “A Tender History in Rust” but all in all it was a great night! They, unlike TWDY, spoke a little between tracks, bantering about their adventures and giving a bit of background to the songs which was nice and appropriate given that the Scala is quite an intimate venue.

Check them out-

Thats all for now, back soon!