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Welcome to the Cinematic Music blog,

Cinematic Music is a blog designed to shed some light on the vast experimental and cinematic music scene of today. The objective is to offer people who are fans of this music scene (but might not know it yet) music reviews, gigs, band biogs, artwork… and all the information I can find relevant to this magnificent current of musical thought.

My name is Henry Prince. I’m a musician and listen to a lot of music, but also aspire to be Simon Cowell without the ridiculous hair or taste in music. I want his power but to use for a noble cause, which is to spread the joy of music not centered around an artists image to the masses.

In this blog I will write reviews of bands and albums I think people should listen to, let you know of any gigs they have where and when, and finally offer you an insight into the tantalizing artwork related to this music. If any band or composer wishes to be reviewed by me don’t hesitate, just send me a CD. Being based in London I will focus on UK bands and artists, but also include vital information about what the rest of the world’s musicians are up to.

Enjoy it and spread the word!
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