Skrillex is Sonny Moore. He’s from LA and he used to be in hardcore band From First To Last. Now days he’s making electronic music. He released his first EP My Name Is Skrillex for free and since then has been tearing up dancefloors all over the US and Canada. This is his follow up EP “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” released through Mau5trap, and it is the best electro/dubstep release I’ve ever heard! It features Bare Noize, Foreign Beggars and Noisia among others, and combines all the abrasive pleasures of heavy dubstep with the outrageous fun of electro. His first ever UK show was Jan 28th and not only was it rammed but the air was full of excitement as the British people were ready to welcome the Californian guy who gives the English competition at their own game. I love how he seems to be bringing so many different music lovers together, like his faithful fans from the hardcore days, electro fans, house music fans and of course dubstep fans. He’s going to be massive.