Well this is quite a charming Christmas release indeed! Thank you Olympians for sending me the only Christmas single I’ve received this festive season! People don’t often think to write festive songs anymore, but good on you! I do wish you’d sent it to me before the celebration of our almighty messiah’s birthday though.

Anyway, “Foreign Language” and its B-side “Leaving you at Christmas” go down exceptionally well as pleasant pop songs for these wintery months. Of course, Olympians’ mathy indie style of rock is maintained, producing a fresh alternative to a Christmas song that doesn’t involve extensive choirs, the Sex Pistols doing “Jingle Bells” (God save us!) or Dean bloody Martin singing the same old cheerful numbers, especially when we all know that behind the scenes he was a sex pest with a coc problem. The seniors seem to be more than capable of ignoring these shady misdeeds, but after the fifteenth ballad I start to get agitated and wonder whether giving these Mafiosos so much air-time is a bit wrong, nevermind annoying.

Getting back to the single at hand, you may download, and I urge you to, Olympians‘ new single FREE from their Bandcamp page: HERE and if you like it go and see them live as I know from experience that they rock!

This is the video for the title track Foreign Language and its really brilliant too!