This is Giuliano Gullotti AKA Amberhaze. His debut album Then We Saw The Stars Again is released on Singapore based label Kitty Wu Records.

Basically, its ok. If I were to mark it /10 I would give it 5. Its pleasant, it would work well as a film score, maybe in something like Into The Wild or Lost In Translation, but as an album I’m not sure it works. The mixture of electronics and live instruments is reminiscent of Port-Royal (from Italy as well, coincidentally) and well executed. Gullotti has also chosen a nice selection of instruments to complement the tasteful beats; with piano, glockenspiel, guitar, strings… a pretty standard instrumentation for instrumental shoegaze/post-rock.

However, it just doesn’t have enough hooks or discernable melodies to keep me interested for 50 minutes. The album seemed to pass at a monotonous pace, without climaxing or progressing very much. To be fair, the 12 tracks are referred to as soundscapes, so maybe the ambience, and dare I say, dullness of it is intended.

I’ve posted this, despite not being a massive fan, because Mr. Gullotti still deserves a mention and many of you may very well disagree with me. Have a listen and judge for yourselves:

I’m keen to hear what he does next; it certainly sounds like he could do something amazing some day.