Her Name Is Calla released their album The Quiet Lamb via Denovali Records on November 4th.

We at Cinematic Music would like to congratulate them and give The Quiet Lamb the much sought after award of:


After numerous EPs and splits, the first real full-length album by HNIC has raised the bar and set a new standard for what this band can do. The Quiet Lamb possesses all the tasteful minimalism of previous material whilst retaining an extremely rich tapestry of sonic textures, and what truly makes this album special is how seamlessly and consistently it weaves from track to track, taking you from one end of the spectrum of human emotions to another.

I’ve noticed that many other bloggers have said similar things, and I believe we may need to brace ourselves for the next Sigur Rós. HNIC seem to have fully developed their unique sound and channeled it through these 12 pieces which present themselves as a barrage of simplistic grandiosity. I reference Sigur Rós because what they created was outstanding unique music which was still accessible to a wide range of listeners- and HNIC have captured that essence and applied it to their sound.

As Cinematic Album of the Year, if you’re a regular visitor to this blog and haven’t yet heard The Quiet Lamb, you must get hold of a copy right away.