This is probably the poppy-est record I’ve reviewed on Cinematic Music so far, but its one that everyone must give a chance. I’ve been listening to the latest Noah And The Whale album a lot these days, and I’ve found that Fraser has captured a similar feel (maybe not so depressing though).  A Garden At The Top Of The Tree has now been released on Moody Noodle Records and I suspect Fraser may well be the next ‘indie-pop’ sensation.

The album presents a perfect range of feels which enables you to enjoy it from start to finish in a total daydream-like way. Tracks like the opener ‘Release Me’ and ‘Bouboulina Sunshine’ are outrageously catchy, fun-filled pop anthems, and ‘Old Tree’ (my personal favourite with ‘Release Me’) shows a more introverted side with beautiful string parts and more long-winded melodies. What I like about this album is that apart from the obvious comparisons one could make, there seems to be a lot of subtle, no doubt involuntary, hints to other artists like Radiohead and Nick Drake. Fraser certainly hasn’t ripped anything off of these artists, but small things like the way he sings, certain arrangements and the production, muster up the same warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you like something.

I’m told Fraser has released ‘Lay it on the Line’, the first single from the album, and has got a lot of attention from the US and Europe and intends to embark on a tour shortly so keep a good look out! For you Londoners, Fraser already has some live dates so don’t miss out!