Deerhunter are an American four-piece from Atlanta, USA. This album Cryptograms (2007) is one of many and I can assure it is a rare gem of post-punk/psychedelic ambience!

Every track blends into the next one, alternating between simmering ambient soundscapes and psychedelic shoegazey numbers. They are signed to Kranky (US) so the label of quality is there from the start. Their delightfully ethereal blend of dream-pop and punk-rock makes for one of the best albums of the decade.

I find this album really easy and pleasant to listen to. You can just listen to it all the time and it just chills you out without you getting sick of it. Its kind of like a series of  magical landscapes that evolve with some really tight driving rhythms- one of the best things you can listen to when Lucy’s around.  The wonderfully breathy vocals are quite reminiscent of shoegaze bands like Jesus & The Mary Chain and the guitar texturing is similar to more ambient post-rock acts like This Will Destroy You (not that there’s any direct link between them). When you break it down its clear the brilliance of this record is rooted in the fact that the fusion of different influences creates unique sounding music. On top of this, tracks like “Octet” and the title track “Cryptograms” are actually quite simple, and I think this makes them easier to get into and enjoy.

They’re playing at Heaven (London) on the 6th of May and I’ve read that Deerhunter live is like a religious experience… so I’ll see you there basically.

Until next time…

(Above: Album cover of the Fluorescent Grey EP (2007), also to be listened to!)