Long Grass is Her Name Is Calla‘s new single off their forthcoming album “The Quiet Lamb”.

This new record somewhat confirms my previous statement; that I would like to see them become an influential act in Britain. Like all of their work Long Grass is stunningly produced and arranged, but still offers a fresh sound. The instrumentation used here includes banjo and classical guitar as well as the usual strings, layered vocals and percussion which I find gives this track an amazing medieval quality. Both the vocal melodies and guitar melodies sound like they belong in the middle ages.

Amid this innovative sounding soundscape, Her Name Is Calla have nevertheless retained certain elements of their music which seem to be constants. The harmonies between instruments are always very pleasant and interesting, and the suspense in the music is quite striking despite also having an inherent element of beauty throughout. This mixture of feels is quite common in this kind of music, but I would say that HNIC are especially good at it. The minimalism and rawness of this track actually makes it sound quite dated. It reminds me of early post-rock music from the late 80s/90s when artists experimented a lot with instruments and soundscapes in very minimal contexts. Long Grass swells very gradually and never seems to resolve where you expect it to, leaving you not unsatisfied but in a state of pensive suspension.

Although I very much like this record and am looking forward to hearing the album, I must say that I hope this is but one side of what the album will offer. Not only are this band brilliant at making sombre minimal ballads, but they are also brilliant at making massive heavy tracks (listen to New England off their Ep “The Heritage). If they combined all this in some sort of epic progressive opus then I’m confident they would do really well… let’s hope thats what they have in store for us.

For now though, Long Grass is up on their myspace so have a listen. For Londoners, they are playing at The Lexington on March 31st with their comrades worriedaboutsatan and The Monroe Transfer so be sure to get tickets!

For a live acoustic performance in a fort, Click here.