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MOGWAI have made a film entitled ‘Burning’ to be released in 2010! It was premiered at the Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival on the 13th of Nov 2009. Heres the blurb courtesy of the Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival website CPH:DOX;

“The Scottish band Mogwai performs an incandescent show in front of a stunned crowd. As if time stood still, the audience is transported along by musical waves, both poetic and violent. ‘Burning’ dives into this wild sensual flow. Directors Vincent Moon and Nathanaël Le Scouarnec guide us into a dream where there is no tomorrow. This is a black and white experience of the senses carved by the raw emotion of this pioneering band that doesn’t need any words to touch the heart of its listeners. Layered and innovative, the movie has its finger firmly on their pulse, a sonic adventure between hope and rebellion. A lifetime of feelings in just one night.”

AND if this isn’t exciting enough, one of the two directors; Vincent Moon is also responsible for the wonderful music videos on La Blogotheque‘s ‘Take Away Shows’. Bands featured are Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Mum… and many more. Be sure to check it out!


WALL OF SOUND is the club night I’m organising based around the music I talk about on this blog, the opening night will be in one of London’s many music venues, and in April so plenty of time, but things are coming together nicely- got some great bands lined up and a great team helping me to make it a success. Check for details/updates and sign up to the mailing list on the WALL OF SOUND page! Hope to see as many of you there as possible!


W.O.S. on myspace

Swallowing The Seas are a new band drifting in and out of London venues such as the Enterprise in Chalk Farm. I saw them there on Tuesday 8/12/09 and liked it so much I thought I’d write a little review of their gig.

Their music is very much as they describe it; ambient, down-tempo shoegaze. Its extremely cinematic but in a different way to other bands that I have written about so far. Their sound is very distinct, like a cross between ‘post-rock’ and shoegaze. They have the ethereality and ambience of shoegaze but with the scope and instrumentation of ‘post-rock’- a very exciting prospect indeed!

I find their music quite confusing (in a good way) because they somehow manage to convey completely different emotions at the same time. Its hard to explain, but during most of the set I was unsure whether the music was bleak and gloomy, or simply hopeful! The lead guitar parts are mostly arpeggiated chords which give the songs an air of perseverance (as opposed to depressing idleness) and Leni White, the violinist/vocalist’s angelic soprano voice gives the music its fantasy, but the nature of the chords and the arrangements come across as bleak. On top of that, the vocal harmonies between Leni and Beanie B. (lead guitar/vocals) sound really nice, but are darkly textured with reverb and delay- the lyrics also seem to go from dreary imagery to hope-filled assertions…. I haven’t been able to get over the unsettled feeling I got from the show yet, but maybe I shouldn’t..

Moving on, I thought the set progressed well, but I think a bigger range in dynamics would have helped to suck the audience in. With music like this that presents itself as a sort of ‘experience’ for the audience, its important to explore every corner of the soundscape you’re cultivating, i.e. breakdown to almost nothing, and play as aggressively as possible- where its appropriate of course.

Overall, the show was great and definitely worth seeing, and I recommend catching them live to all of you who enjoy thought-provoking music- especially the kind that seems like it would be perfectly at home in a bipolar-deaf-blind person’s head!

Catch them LIVE @ the Road Trip Bar on Tuesday 15th Dec, or @ Proud Galleries on the 16th Feb 2010!

Swallowing the Seas on myspace


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