Hello all,

I have made some important discoveries whereby you can download compilations for free. These compilations are of great experimental, ambient music entirely suited to the occasion.

Firstly, a collective that go by the name The Silent Ballet who review many many bands and albums have a series of compilations, all available for free download so get in!

The Silent Ballet – Compilations

Secondly, a small label called Futurerecordings have released a few compilations for free. It seems the guy had a stoned epiphany and decided to give away music.. brilliant for us! He is also involved with a cool London band called Years of Rice & Salt who have recently come to my attention and are worth checking out (link to the right). Their EP is up for free download as well which is cool, but I didn’t find it overly exciting. I’m waiting to see them live before I judge so expect a review soon. The artwork is amazing too!

Futurerecordings – Free Downloads