I haven’t found any “post-rock” type stuff I’ve particularly liked for a long time. Having been sent SO many Explosions-in-the-sky-ripoffs I’ve been put off the whole thing. A Egg‘s tracks might well be what turns me back to listening to it. Its just 1 guy, its all produced with samples apart from the guitar and bass. There’s a bit of auto-tuned / chopped up vocal too. Quite innovative.


Personal favourites: Somewhere Nice, Rostov could get it (Alright The Captain remix), Randy Jackson, Archway

Enjoy, spread the word



He’s only going to start his own record label too- called Owsla. First release will be Porter Robinson in Sept 2011

A pay-what-you-can album. This makes me love Canada a lot!

Off Modern are a creative collective based in South East London. Since forming in late 2008 they have established themselves as a significant platform for young artists and musicians in the area, curating underground art and music events in a variety of unconventional spaces. We join Off Modern as they prepare for a unique gallery-cum-club event in Peckham’s Son Gallery, where the worlds of sculpture, projection art and music collide.


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